Disney Trip Planning

One way to save for a Disney trip is to stop making unnecessary (usually compulsive) purchases and tone down your family's spending habits. Instead of buying 4 or 5 lattes a week, try cutting it in half, buying only 1 or 2. Put the amount you would normally spend for those other lattes in a jar labeled "Disney Fund." A simple change in routine can make quite a difference. If your lattes cost $3.50 each and you were buying 5 per week and are now down to 1, that's a 3-month savings of $168.00 towards your vacation!


While you're on a roll, throw all of your family's spare change in this jar every day and see how quickly it adds up! Let your children in on the savings, too. Have them do chores around the house to earn change to drop in the "Disney Fund" jar. Savings strategies don't have to be torture; they may actually turn into good habits to teach your children!

Instead of going out to the movies or doing other costly activities, try doing free or low-cost recreational activities for a few months, such as hiking, going to the beach or camping. You can also rent children's movies for free at your local library. How about having picnics and BBQs at the park in place of expensive restaurant dining? Try skipping the salon or spa and do your own manicures for a while. Remember that it's only for a short time, and it may end up saving you $200.00 or more. Do you think you could temporarily do without extra phone services such as call waiting and caller-ID to have extra money for your Disney fund?

Plan a garage or yard sale with your children. They can handle the lemonade stand while you sell old items that your family no longer needs. Depending on how many purchases are made and how many cups of lemonade are sold, you may be able to bring in a fairly good-sized profit to put towards your trip.

When doing laundry, use only the cold setting, and turn down the temperature on your water heater. This will save money on your energy bills. Always use the energy-saver feature on appliances such as the dishwasher for extra savings. There are so many simple things to do to make your money stretch!

Have fun on your upcoming family Disney vacation!