Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

Post-pregnancy weight loss is something most new mothers worry about, and we've assembled some information for you to look through. Experts recommend not dieting until after you've weaned the baby off breastfeeding. See diet plans below and be sure to check with your doctor before beginning any post-pregnancy weight loss program.

Calcium and Dieting | Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Tips

You may have heard that milk or calcium can aid in post-pregnancy weight loss, but do you know why?

Research from a recent study suggests that calcium does two things when taken during early and middle adulthood. First, it helps to build up the strength in our bones. Second, it stabilizes our metabolism.

The study was done on approximately 10,000 men and women over a 10 year period. More women were affected by this study than men. While weight was maintained by those in the study, some women lost weight after taking calcium supplements, which suggests it may be beneficial to a post-pregnancy weight loss routine.

Will calcium alone take the weight off? Probably not, but as a woman in middle adulthood, I'll add calcium supplements to my diet (which I should have done a long time ago). Don't be surprised to see the "Moo Diet Book" on our bookstore shelves in the near future.