Fetal Development Pictures | Gallery

A pictorial guide to fetal development week by week

Nine months can seem like a long time to meet the little person growing inside you. Wouldn't you like to be able to sneak a peek into the womb and see how your baby is growing?

Our gallery of fetal images, drawn by a certified medical illustrator, shows what's happening in your belly from pre-conception until your pregnancy is full term. Browse through the gallery to see how big your baby will be each week, and when the major milestones of development will occur. Watch as his fingers form, his eyelids open and he grows bigger and stronger until he's ready to be born.

First Trimester Fetal Pictures

The first trimester is a time of enormous change. Our first series of fetal development pictures starts off before you're even pregnant, as the ovary prepares to release an egg. Follow its journey from ovulation to fertilization and implantation, and then see how a single cell becomes first an embryo and then a fetus. Around the 7th week, your baby's heart starts beating and by the end of the first trimester he has eyes, ears and twenty tiny fingers and toes!

First Trimester

1 week 5 weeks 9 weeks
2 weeks 6 weeks 10 weeks
3 weeks 7 weeks 11 weeks
4 weeks 8 weeks 12 weeks

Second Trimester Fetal Pictures

In the second trimester, your baby's internal organs are maturing, his skeleton is hardening and he begins to grow hair and fingernails. His senses start to develop, and his movements become strong enough for you to feel. Our pictures of fetal development show how he can make facial expressions, suck his thumb, and finally open his eyes by the end of this trimester.

Second Trimester

13 weeks 18 weeks 23 weeks
14 weeks 19 weeks 24 weeks
15 weeks 20 weeks 25 weeks
16 weeks 21 weeks 26 weeks
17 weeks 22 weeks 27 weeks

Third Trimester Fetal Pictures

The major changes are slowing down now, but your baby continues to grow, and so does your belly! During the third trimester, your baby plumps up as he puts on a fat layer under the skin, and his head gets bigger and rounder as his brain develops. The last series of pregnancy pictures shows the baby filling out, and conditions in the uterus getting more and more cramped. The average baby will go from about 2.5 pounds to around 7 or 8 pounds in these last 13 weeks.

Third Trimester

28 weeks 33 weeks 38 weeks
29 weeks 34 weeks 39 weeks
30 weeks 35 weeks 40 weeks
31 weeks 36 weeks
32 weeks 37 weeks

Your Pregnancy Week by Week

You may not get to see your baby growing and developing, but those aren't the only changes going on from week to week. You're certainly aware of changes in your own body, and you may be wondering what's normal and what's cause for concern. For more detail about how your baby is growing, what to expect in your own body, and how to maintain a healthy pregnancy, check out our Pregnancy Week by Week section.