Third Trimester of Pregnancy

Seventh Month of Pregnancy

Your Baby - During the third trimester, you'll experience vigorous kicking! You can't believe it, you are now in your third trimester. Your baby will be doing a lot of growing during these last few months.


Your Body - You may experience cramps in your feet or legs due to a lack of calcium. Be sure that you're taking your prenatal vitamins regularly. You may notice swelling in your hands and feet during the seventh month of pregnancy. Braxton- Hicks contractions are one of the common symptoms this month. The more children you have had, the stronger they are. More months below:

Eighth Month of Pregnancy

Your Baby - If your baby is born prematurely he has a good chance for survival. You may feel a foot up around your ribcage. He is about 16 inches long and weighs approximately four pounds.

Your Body - You may feel rather uncomfortable around the eight month of pregnancy and feel ready to have the baby. Heartburn and indigestion become apparent. You may feel short of breath. The tired feelings you had early in pregnancy return. If you have trouble sleeping, place a pillow between your knees and sleep on your side. If your baby disturbs you by kicking while you sleep, turn to the other side. Most babies favor one side over the other.

Ninth Month of Pregnancy

Your Baby - It's time! This is your last month of pregnancy! Your baby will gain approximately two pounds this month and measure between 19 and 21 inches long.

Your Body - You may feel a surge of energy a few days before you begin labor. Your baby's head will drop into your pelvic area sending you to the bathroom more. Breathing should become easier. The mucus plug will expel this month which means labor is imminent. When this happens labor may be hours, days or as long as two weeks away.