Pregnancy in Autumn

~by Kim Luckabaugh

Autumn is the perfect season for your prenatal health. Why, you ask? Well, remember the doctor's advice to get plenty of exercise and eat healthy amounts of fruits and vegetables? This is the perfect time for both of those items.

Getting in a good walk hasn't been this easy (relatively speaking) since early May. What mommy-to-be wants to go for a walk or drive to the mall to walk when temperatures are a blistering 90 + degrees? You were doing well to keep from breaking a sweat when walking to your own mailbox on those days. So, you most likely weren't terribly interested in walking or cooling down your car to get to a place to exercise.


Enjoy the crisp, fresh evenings and take that walk! Grab a bottle of water to take with you. Take note of the color of the trees and the neighbor's fall decorations! When you get home, maybe you can warm up a cup of apple cider (pasteurized, of course).

Speaking of apple cider brings up the subject of nutritious diets. Many times the summer's heat is too wilting and making a healthy dinner is just too much work, not to mention that it gets too hot sometimes to even feel like eating (that happens without pregnancy, too.)

Now that the temps have settled down, you may feel more like eating something. It's a great time to cook up that pot of chili or chicken 'n dumplings. Both are great sources of nutrients, especially with all the beans and tomatoes in the chili. I know, beans may not be what you had in mind; eat a Tums to help it go down better.

This is also a great time to take advantage of the Farmers' Markets before the season ends. They have lots of wonderful fruits and veggies from which you can choose. You may even find a fresh apple dumpling or pie to take home and indulge in. Or maybe you will find some lovely bouquets of fall flowers.

Just take the time to catch your breath during these cooler days before the first snowflakes fall in winter, before finding a coat large enough becomes an issue. Finally, for a while at least, you can leave your home in comfort. Not too hot, not too cool, just right! Have a wonderful autumn!