Pregnant at Thanksgiving

Well, for starters, enjoy the company. More Americans travel to spend Thanksgiving with family and special friends than any other holiday. As such, enjoy spending time with the family or friends you don't have the opportunity to see very often.

Take a moment and bathe in the warmth of the holiday, with all it's comforting sounds of conversation and delectable scents from the kitchen. Recapture your childhood.


Turn on the TV and watch the Macy's parade. Enjoy Snoopy as The Red Baron, the Rockettes performing their perfect line of kicks, and relive the anticipation you used to feel when waiting for Santa to bring in the Christmas season at the end of the parade.

At dinner, nibble on a piece of turkey, a small serving of dressing and a few bites of your favorite vegetable while every one chows down. Laugh at their "eating for two" jokes. When they're done feasting on the huge dinner, you can continue visiting the table (buffet style) for extra bites. No one's going to complain, since you're "eating for two".

Actually, that's the best way to eat on a regular basis: frequent small meals. By doing so, there will be fewer episodes of heartburn. Also, your body and baby receive more nutrients from a diet like this.

Let everyone spoil you and "steal" your dad's spot in his favorite recliner. Put up your feet, let the turkey do it's work and take a nap. By the time you wake up, you'll have room for that piece of pie!

Let your grandmother or aunt give your growing tummy an extra pat or rub. Enjoy your holiday and all the blessings you find within it!