Preregistration for Hospital

Helpful tips for hospital preregistration

Although convenience and preparation are important in pregnancy, the first and foremost reason for preregistering with your hospital is to save time. If you can find the time to fill out the paperwork (or online registration form) in the weeks leading up to your due date, you will save a lot of time when the big day comes. Preregistering at your hospital is also a chance to ensure you insurance details are all in order and there are no errors in your personal info or birth plan. The minutes will start to pass more slowly as your labor pain begins, and you won't want to spend too many of them concentrating on technical details!

Why Hospital Labor and Delivery Preregistration is a Good Idea

Although the process is bound to differ slightly according to the institution, preregistration for hospital will require some personal information, insurance details and the name of your doctor or midwife. It shouldn't take long to do, and when you visit the hospital to fill out the forms you may also be able to take a tour of the Labor and Delivery floor. A preview of the site and process will help you calm any fears you may have about forgetting something important or getting lost. Alternatively, you can see if your institution offers online hospital registration, which is even more convenient for both parties.

If you haven't done so already, this will be a great opportunity to ask important questions about the details of the delivery so everyone's on the same page. Ask about visiting hours, whether the baby will be allowed to stay in the room with you, how many nights must you stay and anything else you may have missed in your birth plan.

What Hospital Preregistration Can and Can't Do

Hospital registration is designed to identify patients in a clear and quick manner and ensure the hospital has all it needs to proceed. That means that preregistering is simply getting a head start on these formalities, which will hopefully reduce your time in the waiting room and clear up any miscommunication or technical errors while you still have a scrap of patience. What it won't do is guarantee a clear and direct path to the delivery room.

Many women have been disappointed by the hospital procedure they had to go through once labor begins even though they had preregistered, so learn from their experience and make sure you have all the info and documents that you've already given the staff. In some cases, the hospital may not have entered all your info into the system, or they may just demand that you run through it again. Yes, that is annoying, but it happens. This is one reason to wait a while before preregistering, because the less time between registration and your actual delivery, the less time there is for information to get misplaced. Of course, there's always the issue of expense as well: if you submit your forms early, you may have to pay the hospital fees out of pocket and then wait to be reimbursed by your insurance provider.