Baby Checklist

Preparing for Labor & Your New Baby

Just print and check off as you shop for baby items!


o nasal aspirator

o diaper rash ointment

o 2 packages of disposable diapers or 2 dozen cloth diapers

o gentle baby soap

o no tears shampoo

o 2-4 pacifiers (you will lose them)

o blunt baby nail scissors

o baby brush and comb set

o alcohol wipes (for the cord)

o 4-6 bottles (4 and 8 ounce size)

o bottle brush

o 2 nursing bras (if nursing)

o breast pads (if nursing)

o breast pump (if nursing)

o 6 bibs

o 2-4 hooded bath towels

o 4-6 wash clothes

o 4 bassinet sheets

o 2 waterproof mattress pads

o 2 quilted crib pads

o 3-4 crib sheets

o crib bumper

o 2 comforters (depending on season)

o 2 crib blankets (depending on season)

o 6-8 snap t-shirts or onesies

o 4-6 lightweight sleepers

o 6-8 receiving blankets

o 6-8 baby gowns with pull-ties

o 4 pairs of booties or socks

o 1 sweater

o 1 snowsuit (depending on season)