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SureBaby's free mobile apps are your source for on-the-go prenatal expertise. You can stay on track for a healthy and happy pregnancy with the help of these dynamic, accurate and easy to use tools!

Pregnancy Calculator App

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Pregnancy Calculator App

Here's an app to figure out how far along you are and how far you have to go before you're holding your baby in your arms.

Use this due date calculator to:

  • Pinpoint your due date
  • Figure out your date of conception
  • Find out how many weeks pregnant you are
  • See when you'll be entering your next trimester

Calculate Backward or Forward!
It only takes a few pieces of information to map out your whole pregnancy timeline
on the pregnancy due date calculator.
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Weight Gain Calculator App

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Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator App

Monitor your day-to-day body changes or get advice on weighty issues with this handy pregnancy calculator that keeps you up-to-date on your healthy weight gain plan.

Our weight gain app will:

  • Tell you how much weight you need to gain
  • Keep track of your steady progress
  • Alert you when you're not on track

Keep track of your weight between doctor's visits!
Learn what your healthy weight during each phase of your pregnancy!
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Ovulation Calculator App

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Ovulation Calculator App

Understanding your cycle is your key to conception. Here's an app to help you track your fertility each month to help you get pregnant when you want to.

This ovulation calculator app will:

  • Reveal your most fertile days each month for the next several months
  • Tell when your due date would be if you conceived that month
  • Tailor the info to your unique monthly cycle

Take control of your body and your pregnancy with an accurate ovulation calendar built for you.
Simply plug in the date that your last period began and the average length of your cycle, and soon you'll have everything you need to improve your chances of getting pregnant now and in the months to come!
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Baby Name App

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Baby Name App

Whether you're looking for the perfect name or simply in need of some inspiration, this baby name app will lead you through thousands of unique, traditional and popular baby names.

Use our baby name finder app to:

  • Search over 10,000 baby boy names, baby girl names and unisex names
  • Rate each name and create a list of your favorites
  • Send your name picks to friends and family
  • Find out how popular a name is now, and how common it has been in the past

Personalize your baby name search and narrow down your choices!
You can browse by origin, gender, meaning, first initial -- or everything at once! The app will show you all the names that match your search terms, and then you can look deeper into any one of them or keep a list to compare later on.
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