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Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator

Gaining weight is an important part of your pregnancy, but it can be difficult to figure out. How much weight should you gain, and when should you gain it? We have a pregnancy weight gain calculator that will tell you all that and more, whenever you need to know it.

Although your weight should climb steadily, weight gain during pregnancy won't be the same for every woman. And since you can't check in with your doctor every day to make sure you're on track, do the next best thing: consult your progress on the pregnancy weight gain calculator.

Begin with your current weight...

How much you weigh now plus your current BMI will determine how much you need to gain.

Then add some more details...

The more info you give the calculator, the more accurate the results. Are you carrying twins? How far along are you?

And monitor your weight gain to stay in a healthy range

Together with regular doctor's visits, the weight gain calculator will help you modify your diet and lifestyle to stay in that healthy weight range.

  • Regular monitoring will also reveal any sudden changes in weight, which could signal a problem.
  • The calculator is so easy to use, that you'll have no trouble staying on top of your tracking
  • Links back to for advice and more info about pregnancy weight gain

The sooner you get started, the better you can manage your growing body at every stage of your pregnancy!

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