Delivering Baby

Keys to labor pain relief and happy nursing

You've traveled through nine months of pregnancy, and while you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, there is one more hurdle to jump: labor and delivery. The last weeks of pregnancy are filled with all kinds of feelings, but you may find that anxiety is the strongest. You don't quite know what lies ahead, and hearing horror stories from friends and strangers won't help you overcome your fears. What will help is some honest insight, a bit of encouraging guidance and a few useful tips for finding the most effective tools for your unique experience. Learn how to effectively prepare for labor and delivery, using the pregnancy video on this page as a jumping-off point.


Delivering a Baby the Easier Way

It's no secret that labor and childbirth are two of the most intense and demanding experiences you will have, but there are a number of variables that will determine just how much pain and discomfort you will experience. The first rule to a happier and more relaxed labor is preparation -- from the bag you pack to the support at your side to the tools your choose, the lead-up to your delivery is the time to figure out what works for you, what doesn't and how to create your ideal physical and psychological environment.

Tools to Help with your Delivery

Your healthcare professional and the site of your delivery will be the major aspects of your childbirth experience, but the minor elements are just as important. Consider all your senses when putting together a comforting collection of accessories for the big day. Happy photos, nostalgic scents, calming colors and comfortable fabrics will help to create a familiar and more relaxed environment. If you pack your hospital bag with these things in mind, you'll find it easier to apply the physical and mental techniques that are central to labor pain relief.

While some tools are very personal, others tend to work for many women. For instance, the birthing ball has become a staple for delivery rooms because it helps to both position the baby for birth and relieve your back and pelvic discomfort. But some tools can be a bit tricky to figure out -- improper form can render them useless, and using them properly can mean modifying your technique very slightly. Pregnancy videos can help you familiarize yourself with your birthing tools, and like yoga and food preparation, these videos can ensure you're getting the most from the activity.

Please consult with your physician before starting any new exercise or making any lifestyle changes during your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Videos