Healthy Snacks for Pregnancy

Stick to your pregnancy diet menu when you're on the go

Most women make some changes to their diet when they conceive, but despite your best intentions, you may find it difficult to stay on track for the next nine months. After all, life tends to get in the way of an ideal diet: between errands, household responsibilities, work and that volatile emotional and physical state known as pregnancy, you may find that you're grabbing whatever's within reach, whenever you need it. If you want to stay healthy and energized, start by checking out the pregnancy video above, which shows you how to keep tasty, satisfying healthy snacks for pregnancy with you all the time.


Every Pregnancy Diet Menu Should Include Snacks

Frequency plays a big role in your nutrition during pregnancy, so if you like to snack, you're in luck! Your body and your baby need plenty of nutrients to develop and function properly, and that goes for week 1 as well as week 40. At this point in your pregnancy, you should aim to maintain a highly nutritious diet and keep it coming throughout your day. Five or six small meals (or several large snacks, depending on how you look at it) that are equally spaced will keep you energized and happy, plus you'll have an easier time resisting unhealthy choices when you've stocked your fridge and your purse with small portions of good food.

Pregnancy Nutrition Involves Variety

Like any healthy diet, the more types of whole foods you can include, the better. Try to eat a range of fruit and vegetables for a wealth of nutrients; consuming each color in the rainbow should be a weekly, if not daily, goal. When it comes to controlling the appetite, healthy fats and proteins lead the pack -- unsalted nuts are nice and rich, fruit gives a burst of sugar and veggies have a great crunch.

Variety isn't only a principle of nutrition, it's also a good way to control cravings and trick your mind into thinking you're eating more than you are. Different textures and flavors on one plate can make a meal more interesting, so play around with ingredients and combinations. You may even come up with some new favorite recipes for you and your family!

Trail Mix Recipe

  • almonds (good source of healthy fat and protein)
  • dried pineapple (good source of digestive enzymes)
  • dried apple (good source of pectin)
  • pumpkin seeds (good source of zinc- very important in fetal development)
  • raisins (helping to ease constipation)
  • cashews (high in magnesium, good source of healthy fat)

Place the ingredients in a big bowl and mix them all together. Fill small baggies with your trail mix and put them into your prenatal pantry.

Please consult with your physician before starting any new exercise or making any lifestyle changes during your pregnancy.

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