Morning Sickness Cures

How you can beat pregnancy morning sickness

Do you feel like your queasy stomach is controlling your life? Maybe you've found the one specific position that seems to combat your nausea, or perhaps you've given into the wretched feeling and are impatiently waiting for the next several months to pass. When it comes to uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms, morning sickness is right up there with screaming backache and emotional breakdown. But just like those other symptoms, there are treatments, and often the most natural morning sickness cures are also the most effective, like the ones shown in the pregnancy video on this page.


When Does Morning Sickness Start?

Morning sickness, whether it's in the form of mild nausea, general queasiness or fits of vomiting, can start as early as two weeks after conception, but may not come on until your second month of pregnancy. Since the symptoms can range so widely and tend to resemble a host of other ailments, it can be tough to determine whether your nausea is caused by an influx of pregnancy hormones or is simply the result of something that you ate.

For particularly unlucky mothers-to-be, morning sickness can last all day throughout most of their pregnancy. If you're having trouble keeping anything down, not only will you feel physically awful, but you may become worried about nutrition and the health of your baby as well. Try not to worry - your baby is likely getting all the nutrition they need, and even if you have a particularly severe case of pregnancy morning sickness in the first months, you can make up for the lost weight in later months.

Natural Morning Sickness Remedies

While it may be comforting to hear that your baby won't be affected by your nausea or vomiting, that won't do much for the general misery you're feeling. To relieve the physical symptoms, you'll need some tried-and-true techniques that fight the effects of your rising hormone levels, stress and fatigue. A calm state of mind together with conscious, deep breathing can bring quick relief to a queasy body, while paying close attention to your diet will reveal any foods that trigger the sick feeling. For many women, a variety of senses play leading roles in controlling morning sickness, so stay away from any sights, smells and tastes that bring on nausea, and be sure to find some activities that allow you to totally unwind in order to fight the stress and fatigue that can make morning sickness symptoms worse.

Please consult with your physician before starting any new exercise or making any lifestyle changes during your pregnancy.

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