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Prenatal care for you and your baby

For many women, pregnancy is a time to become more in tune with health and well-being. Your lifestyle up until now has revolved around you -- your tastes, your preferences and your schedule -- but now those personal leanings are taking a backseat to your growing baby.

It's natural to turn your attention to the life that you're carrying inside of you, but it's very important to continue to consider your own health, needs and desires, too. This means prenatal care should encompass all aspects of well-being; it should address your emotional and physical health, and it should protect and improve your baby's development. Begin by watching the pregnancy video on this page to learn how a few lifestyle changes can improve your pregnancy experience and your transition into motherhood.

Adding Prenatal Care to your Lifestyle

Pregnancy health and prenatal care can be as simple as tweaking your pregnancy diet to include more whole foods or as complicated as introducing a whole new element to your daily life. A lot depends on your starting point -- if you're trying to break out of a sedentary lifestyle, there will be more room for improvement than if you're already fairly active and stick to a healthy diet. A healthy pregnancy lifestyle is a balanced and controlled lifestyle, and it's very achievable with the proper tools and the right approach.

An Introduction to Prenatal Yoga and Prenatal Nutrition

Two of the most important areas to focus on from the very start of your pregnancy are exercise and nutrition. Most women are not surprised to learn that an active routine and a healthy diet will help to manage pregnancy weight gain and morning sickness, but did you know that these elements can actually relieve pregnancy joint pain, cravings and labor pain? Knowing the right foods and exercises to incorporate will not only make for a more comfortable early pregnancy, but will lead to more enjoyment and less discomfort in the later stages and beyond.

Instead of hoping that your lifestyle is on track, try to assess where you are, where you could improve and how you can help yourself feel better every step of the way. Knowing yourself and listening to your body is the best way you can help your growing baby develop and stay healthy through your pregnancy.

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