Prenatal Massage

Great techniques for stretch mark prevention and relaxation

Anybody can benefit from massage, but it brings great rewards to pregnant women. After all, massage can lift the spirits, relieve pain and send your mind into a state of pure bliss -- an enticing experience for the average person, but one that makes a world of difference for moms-to-be who live with a variety of symptoms.

From full-body relaxation massage to labor and birthing massage, simple and careful hand movements can alleviate discomfort and even help to prevent damage. Begin to craft a relaxing and skin-soothing routine with the help of the prenatal yoga video on this page, which features some quick and easy techniques to keep you looking and feeling your best.


Pregnancy Massage at Home

At this point in your pregnancy, the weight of your baby can put quite a lot of strain on your joints and muscles, and your growing tummy may be vulnerable to stretch marks. One way to combat these unwelcome pregnancy symptoms is to take some time each day to massage your belly, your hands and your neck to relieve tension and soreness. Light circling, or stroking your skin in a circular manner with the palms of your hands, is a good technique for the belly and the hips; fingertip massage is great for relieving pain and promoting circulation in the forehead, chin and neck.

Prenatal Yoga Positions to Complement Massage

Regular massage is great for actively relieving discomfort in a specific area, but there's also a passive method to relieve tension. Certain yoga and relaxation poses use the weight of your body as gentle resistance to stretch muscles and open joints, which can help ease strain and compression. For instance, slight and slow twists can safely stretch the muscles around the spine, and allowing gravity to pull your legs or arms can help you maintain an effortless stretch in a relaxing position. Reclining postures are some of the most relaxing, but remember to avoid any poses that involve lying flat on your back, because this position can interfere with blood flow to your baby.

Please consult with your physician before starting any new exercise or making any lifestyle changes during your pregnancy.

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