Prenatal Yoga

How pregnancy fitness will help your body and mind

Staying fit is important for a comfortable and energetic life, but it's just as important for a smooth and problem-free pregnancy. It makes perfect sense that gentle exercises will help your body work more efficiently with its new form, but you may be surprised to learn that exercise during pregnancy can affect fetal development as well.

Of course, pregnancy brings unique changes and challenges, and your exercise routine should work with these, not against them. This is where yoga comes in -- learn how prenatal yoga practice can be your best step toward a happy, healthy and more comfortable pregnancy, and get started with the gentle and effective routine in the pregnancy yoga video featured on this page.


Importance of Yoga in Pregnancy Fitness

There are several reasons why yoga is the ideal exercise during pregnancy, and one is its low-impact approach. Through various standing and sitting poses, you can stretch and lengthen your muscles and improve your stability without stressing your tender joints. Also, the squeezing, holding and twisting of some popular yoga poses will help to detoxify your organs and improve blood flow to your baby, not to mention strengthen your pelvic muscles to make for an easier delivery.

Pregnancy Yoga Principles

Yoga during pregnancy brings more than physical fitness; it engages both the body and mind on a deep level. For instance, the breathing techniques that are central to yoga are also vital for labor and delivery, so you can use yoga to train your body to breathe deeply and calm itself well before the big day arrives. Additionally, the meditation that you learn through practicing yoga during your pregnancy will be a key factor in overcoming any anxiety or fears you have regarding your health and child birth, and it will make you feel more aware and connected to your baby.

While advanced exercise every day is not a good idea during pregnancy, devoting a few minutes a day to a gentle routine is important if you want to reap the rewards of practicing yoga for pregnancy. Flexibility tends to diminish when you take long breaks from your routine, so find some particularly helpful exercises that you can do regularly. The best poses for your body will depend on where you are in your pregnancy; you'll be able to introduce a wider variety of exercises in your first trimester than you will in your third. The best way to start at home is to follow a pregnancy yoga video, since the proper posture and timing can be hard to execute without guidance from an expert.

Please consult with your physician before starting any new exercise or making any lifestyle changes during your pregnancy.

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