Self-Care in Pregnancy

Help your body and your baby through self-care in pregnancy

A caring mother-to-be will go to great lengths to ensure her little one has the attention they need. She'll bend her schedule and adjust her diet to keep her baby comfortable and nourished, and she'll consult health experts to make sure her baby is doing well. But so often this care and concern for the growing baby comes at a price: many women tend to neglect their own comfort and happiness in their scramble to balance daily life and family responsibility during pregnancy.

It may seem like self-care in pregnancy is a luxury that you can't afford, but it's actually vital for your baby's health and your ability to carry on through your pregnancy and delivery. Start by watching the video on this page to learn how you can shift some focus back to yourself and pave the way for a happier and healthier pregnancy.


Why is Pregnancy Care Important?

It's a well-known fact that what you take into your body will affect the health of your baby, so prenatal vitamins and a healthy lifestyle are typically the foremost elements of prenatal care. There's no doubt that a nourishing diet and moderate exercise are great tools for a healthy pregnancy, but when you begin to rely solely on books and prevailing opinion to develop a routine in your pregnancy, you block out your inner voice and, in turn, you may neglect the needs of your body and mind.

The things you did for yourself before you became pregnant were important aspects of your life, and giving up those things now can disturb your emotional and physical balance. Listen to your cravings and indulge in a favorite treat here and there simply because you feel like it. Get a massage for sore muscles, incorporate pregnancy skin care to protect and pamper your skin, enjoy the sunshine and allow yourself some quiet time every day. If you pay attention to your body and aim to bridge the gap between your pregnant self and your life before pregnancy, you will find that you feel more fulfilled and in control of your health.

Relaxation and Rest during Pregnancy

Your body is dealing with numerous new feelings and elements, from hormone surges to tender joints and muscles. The weight of your baby alone can impact your energy and your comfort, and it's very important to learn techniques that will restore calm and recharge your energy stores so you can better handle the challenges and duties that come your way.

Research has shown that women who are regularly stressed, tense and anxious during pregnancy have a greater chance of delivering a baby who also suffers from stress and anxiety. To protect yourself and your child from the effects of stress, get a massage or reflexology treatment, focus on pregnancy relaxation exercises or positions that allow you to put your feet up, and try to laugh each day. Whether it's a pregnancy yoga video or a peaceful nap, there are endless ways to relax and restore your body, so explore some popular methods as well as any techniques that gel with your personality and preferences.

Please consult with your physician before starting any new exercise or making any lifestyle changes during your pregnancy.

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