Baby Costs

Saving For Your Baby Costs

If you are a mother-to-be, you are most likely wondering how you will be able to make ends meet once your little bundle arrives. A child can easily become a parent's biggest expense, requiring healthcare, food, clothing, toys, an education, along with numerous other necessities. Keep in mind, many pregnancy and new baby expenses don't have to be out-of-pocket. Depending on what type of health insurance you have, what maternity clothes you buy and how frugal you are, you can get by without spending a bundle. It is quite possible to make it through gestation without focusing primarily on expenses, so you can focus on the new baby on the way. Here are some tips to keep you from going broke before your baby enters the world.


As excited as you are to run out and go on a spending spree, it will pay off if you wait until after your baby shower. Register for baby items after your fifth month (or anytime before your shower) and see what the generosity of friends and family brings. You can register with most stores online. Make sure all your shower guests are aware of your gift registry. This way you won't receive duplicates of anything and you won't buy anything yourself that you may get as a gift at your shower.

Maternity Clothes

It is easy to spend a fortune on maternity clothes, particularly if this is your first pregnancy and you don't have old clothes stashed away from a previous one. Maternity clothes are worn for such a short amount of time. Instead of going on a shopping spree, check with your closest girlfriends and family members who have babies and small children. It is very possible you can borrow most of your maternity wardrobe and barely spend a penny! If borrowing is not an option, go to a local maternity outlet store and browse the clearance racks. You don't have to buy clothes from high-priced boutiques to look and feel good. You can find really stylish marked-down clothes (even business outfits) at outlet stores. Be sure to pick up a few solid-colored mix-n-match separates to give your wardrobe more flexibility. Take a peak in your partner's closet, too. Some of his shirts paired with stretch leggings may be just perfect for you to wear around the house during the second trimester and beyond.

Health Insurance

Doctor and hospital bills for prenatal care, childbirth and well-baby care can add up ridiculously fast, especially if some things are not completely covered by insurance and particularly if you don't have health insurance at all. If you are not covered by health insurance or if you don't have maternity coverage on your plan, you may be able to get assistance. Instead of skipping very important prenatal check-ups to save money, make some phone calls to see if you qualify for Medicaid. If not, your local health department may be able to assist you. Also, check into the WIC program. You may qualify for this great program if your monthly income is low enough.

Take Stock in Sales

When you come across a good deal or a sale on things you use regularly such as toilet paper, cleaning items and even diapers, take stock! Buying larger quantity while these items are marked down can really help cut costs. This applies to non-perishable food, too. If you stock up on diapers, don't buy more than one package of newborn diapers unless you save the receipts. Most babies skip to size 1 diapers within the first couple weeks of life and others never even fit into newborn size.

Get Back to Nature

Instead of going out to fancy dinners (okay you still need these every now and then), why don't you and your partner have weekly picnics at the park, weather permitting. Pack a lunch for two (and more if you have other children) and spread a blanket in a grassy spot. It may be a bit more difficult to get up from the ground now, but it's well worth it! Take a nature hike or go fishing with your man. If you have older children, take a family stroll around the neighborhood at least once a week. Take your dog to a dog park. Spend a day at the beach or the lake. Nature outings will lift your spirits, walking is good exercise for you and it's an activity that doesn't cost any money!

After Baby Savings