Maternity Clothes

Maternity wear for every step of the way

As you move through your trimesters, a rounder figure will have you looking for some new clothes. It's not always a wise move to simply go up a size in your favorite clothing when you begin to lose your familiar shape, since you've most likely gained in a few spots rather than an even amount all over. The benefit of specialized maternity clothes is that they're designed to fit, flatter and comfort your pregnant body -- as long as you find the right pieces. Learn how to choose maternity clothes, where to look and when to shop to get through your pregnancy in comfort and style without spending a fortune.


Finding Maternity Wear that Fits

It's really no surprise that comfy and flattering maternity wear is so hard to come by. After all, every woman carries her baby -- and her weight -- differently, and that means maternity designers are faced with quite the challenge. So, as with regular women's clothing, you'll find that certain maternity brands cater to certain styles, shapes or sizes. In turn, you may have fewer fashionable maternity clothing options than you had hoped. On the other hand, some patience and careful shopping can turn up some fantastic finds for any size and shape.

Finding a good fit means accepting your new figure instead of trying to hide it. Once upon a time, muumuus and overalls were the norm in pregnancy, but today's maternity wardrobe includes way more style and way less fabric. From maternity workout wear to formal dresses, designers are using form-fitting cuts and trendy color palettes to accentuate the curvy, confident pregnant figure. Many expectant moms are sure to appreciate the body-hugging natural fibers that align with the most popular trends in the fashion world. And for those who prefer more classic designs, you shouldn't have too much trouble finding a sophisticated maternity style.

How to Shop for Maternity Clothing

The first rule of maternity shopping is patience and restraint -- don't buy everything at once. For many women, the first trimester doesn't bring a whole lot of growth, and you may be able to fit into the majority of your regular clothing for the first few months. Although it can be tempting to pounce on sales and stock up on bigger sizes with your third trimester in mind, try to hold back: instead of buying a whole new wardrobe, only buy a few pieces as you need them. Versatility is key when it comes to saving money and staying comfy, so a couple pairs of casual maternity pants (including maternity jeans) and a few high-waist tops will get your maternity wardrobe off to a good start.

One problem with maternity wear is that it can be quite expensive, and between stocking a nursery and saving up for baby expenses, money can be tight at this point in your life. Luckily, you can find cheap maternity clothes in more and more department stores, or else find a good selection of affordable maternity clothes online. In any case, wait until your current clothes become uncomfortably tight before picking up maternity clothing and try to find pieces that have enough give in them to grow with your body for a while. Finally, be prepared to maternity shop throughout your nine months, as it's near impossible to predict what your shape and size will be in the final phase of pregnancy!