Maternity Pants

Maternity jeans are a must when you're expecting

For most moms-to-be, the pants are the first to go. While your arms, legs and face will keep your secret for the first few months, your abdomen is pushing at your waistband as early as the first trimester. Before you know it, you've turned to anything with an elastic waistband in order to relieve the pressure. Fortunately, you don't have to settle for sweatpants and leggings from here on in, because there is a multitude of maternity pants available. However, maternity pants are specialized garments, and specialized clothing can be expensive. Learn how to choose pants that are versatile and comfortable, so you can be sure you'll get a good amount of wear out of them for a good stretch of your pregnancy.

Finding the Perfect Maternity Jeans

Just as a great pair of jeans is essential to your pre-pregnancy wardrobe, you'll want to get a pair or two of maternity jeans for the months ahead. The versatility, classic style and easy comfort of jeans simply can't be beat, but when the waistband doesn't sit comfortably around your middle any longer, it's time to step into a stretchier dimension.

There are several designers who have made their mark in the maternity pants department with up-to-date designs and exceptional construction. Although it's rare that one brand will be the best for all bodies, you may want to check out 7 for All Mankind, which is often known simply as seven maternity jeans. With an easy fit and full-belly panel, these jeans are good versions for those that have never purchased designer denim before, and there are quite a few cuts and colors to choose from.

Of course, not every mom-to-be is in the market for a designer purchase, and there are some good jeans out there at a very reasonable cost. The key is to buy the jeans as you need them -- trying to guess what your shape and size will be in a month from now will likely end in disappointment. Opt for styles with either a very wide and stretchy waistband or else a very low rise that can be worn with a maternity belt as your belly grows. Also be sure to try them on and walk around a bit before you buy so you know how they will move with your body.

Maternity Shorts, Overalls and Other Comfortable Styles

Designer jeans will keep you at the forefront of fashion, but sometimes all you want is comfort. Since you're not only dealing with a changing shape, but changing body temperature and muscles aches as well, it may be a good idea to add some more specialized pieces to your prenatal collection. For instance, if you'll be pregnant through the summer, invest in some maternity shorts to keep you cool in on the hottest days.

While they're not for everyone, many expectant mothers swear by maternity overalls, especially in the later stages of pregnancy. The great thing about these maternity pants is the room -- no constricting belly bands to hold them up, no worrying about spilling out with a too-short top and adjustable straps make it easy to fine-tune the fit. If you like the idea of feeling comfy and free but you're reluctant to sacrifice your fashion sense, look through some different designer brands to find a style that sports at least a few key features of the season's trends. You may need to dig a little deeper, but there's a vast array of maternity pants out there, and you're bound to find the pair that suits your taste and your body.