Maternity Sleepwear

Find the most comfortable maternity pajamas

Sleeping is one of the most frustrating challenges in pregnancy. In the first trimester, it seems that your body can't get enough of it, but many moms-to-be are struggling with insomnia by the final weeks. It makes good sense to do everything you can to make sleep easier, more comfortable and more restorative so you have the energy to get through your busy days.

The best way to get a good night's sleep is by stocking up on effective accessories, and maternity sleepwear should be at the top of that list. Discover how maternity pajamas, lingerie and sleep bras can keep you more comfortable through the night. A great sleep is right around the corner!


Lingerie Maternity Pajamas and Comfy Loungewear

You'll probably get through a good deal of your pregnancy with oversized t shirts and elastic waists, but properly fitted maternity pajamas are a great investment when it comes to comfort. Whether you're lounging around the house or trying to get a good night's sleep, the last thing you need is an ill-fitting outfit that either restricts your movement or has you swimming in fabric. In fact, as your move through your second and into your third trimester, getting a good night's sleep is hard enough with the leg cramps, vivid dreams and near constant kicks from your little one. Along with a good pregnancy pillow, a maternity nightgown will help you reenergize with a good night's sleep.

Every woman is different, so there's no one style of maternity sleepwear that will satisfy everyone. Look into maternity departments or specialized boutiques for a good selection, from cozy styles to lingerie maternity pajamas. You should enjoy the cut and color, but the way the sleepwear fits is certainly the most important aspect. Make sure the waistband has a good amount of stretch, and the fabric should be a natural fiber like cotton, hemp or linen. If you opt for a tank top or camisole, see if you can find one with adjustable straps: your breasts continue to grow right until the final weeks of pregnancy, and it would be nice if you could continue to wear your comfy sleepwear for as long as possible.

How Maternity Sleep Bras Can Help

When your breasts begin to get tender and heavy, the simple act of rolling over in bed can be enough to wake you from a deep slumber. The maternity sleep bra is one solution to this problem, as it'd designed to hold you in place without pressing too hard or digging into your body. Unlike other maternity underwear, these bras offer very light support with stretchy cotton fabric and a very plain, seamless style.

If you want to really stretch your investment, look for a maternity sleep bra that doubles as a nursing bra. These can either be in the wrap style or with a removable panel, but either should offer full coverage and easy maintenance. You likely won't have time for hand-washing once the baby arrives, so make sure the bra can be tossed into the washing machine and can accommodate nursing pads if you need them.