Maternity Workout Wear

Maternity workout clothes to keep your heart pumping

Pregnancy can be an expensive time, especially if you subscribe to the catalogue of specialized accessories that promise to make your nine months easier. Of course, few expectant mothers can afford to invest in all the little pregnancy products, so it's helpful to know what's worth buying and which products to skip. When it comes to clothing, maternity workout wear is an essential purchase for any active mom-to-be.

From spandex to cotton, support tanks to sport-specific outfits, exercise wear for the pregnant body can make a big difference when it comes to your level of activity during pregnancy. After all, it's hard enough to drag yourself out of bed some days, let alone get through a workout with aches and discomfort. Find out how maternity workout clothes are designed, why they work and what to look for in a quality exercise outfit.

Why Maternity Workout Clothes are Worthwhile

Not only do pregnant bodies grow rounder, but they also begin to work a bit differently. First, your core temperature rises, which means it can be difficult to stay cool and dry. Also, you tend to gain weight in certain areas rather than all over, which means a conventional exercise outfit probably won't cover and support you where you need it most without hanging off you in other places. From maternity swimwear to prenatal yoga garb, fitness clothing designers create specialized outfits with the requirements of a pregnant body in mind.

The other advantage of maternity active wear is its versatility. Not only will it help you stay focused and supported through your workout, but the easy fit and great stretch of the outfits make them great for lounging around, too. And then there's the fashionable element: trendy maternity workout wear will let you sport the season's best colors even if you can't sport all the styles. Some of the leading brands like Adidas maternity and Champion can be a bit more expensive, but many find the expert construction and stylish designs are worth the extra pennies.

Which Exercise Maternity Clothing to Choose?

Just as some maternity dresses will grow to accommodate your body, some workout clothes are designed with longevity in mind. Perhaps the biggest innovation in workout tanks and tops is four-panel construction that features a few seams down the front: the idea is that the fabric will stretch much more easily in all directions, and will therefore grow with your belly much better than conventional cuts. Given its ability to expand and contract, this is a great style for postpartum exercise, too.

Many designers and retail stores offer a selection of workout clothes for specific sports, and that's because different levels of activity require different degrees of support. For instance, a simple camisole style tank top will likely be excellent for yoga, but you'll need thicker fabric and possibly a built-in shelf bra for extra support if you go out for a jog or hot the exercise bike. Keep in mind your level activity when you begin to compare clothes.

For the most active moms-to-be, there's technical workout wear designed to support and protect. For instance, if you're in the market for maternity tennis clothes, look for moisture wicking materials that won't chafe your skin. As for the cut, try out a maternity skort with pockets that keeps you covered, secure and equipped with all your tennis necessities.