Petite Maternity Clothing

Petite maternity to suit the smaller frame

If you have a slight frame, you'll probably be in the market for small maternity clothes. Of course, these are quite different from a size small in regular maternity clothes: your proportions are smaller, but your belly will potentially grow just as large as any other pregnant lady's. In turn, unless you can find petite maternity clothing, you'll be doomed to wear ill-fitting regular clothes or incredibly long maternity clothes. Luckily, there are some specialized lines of petite maternity clothing to check out online, and in other cases, certain fashions within regular maternity lines will work well for your body type. The key will be to understand the cuts and lengths that look best on your body and how to accentuate your shape and features just right.

Flattering Petite Maternity Wear

When your belly begins to expand and you feel particularly bloated, the last thing you want to do is draw attention to your growing shape with poorly fitted maternity dresses or tops. Petite women have less space to carry their growing baby, and quite often their tummies appear sooner, and larger, than those of taller moms-to-be. The key to minimizing the bump and stretching out your frame will be monochromatic colors and carefully chosen necklines; any horizontal lines, like a belt or seam across the waist, will only accentuate a short frame by drawing attention to width instead of length.

It's always a good idea to have some neutral pieces to get you through work and to match with more playful accessories, but black and white can get boring, and besides, there's no reason to hide your body altogether. Don't be afraid to opt for some color when you shop for your petite maternity clothes, but steer clear of large prints and multi-color designs if you don't want to flaunt your form. Darker colors are notorious for their slimming properties, so you may want to try out some deeper purples, greens, blues and grays. As for the cut, scoop or v necklines are nice, but wrap styles will likely be the most forgiving and most formfitting for your shorter frame.

Petite Maternity for Formal Occasions

There's a good chance that you'll need to dress up at least once or twice over the course of your nine months, which means you'll have to invest in some formal maternity wear. Sure, you could wear your favorite flowing black dress to a special event -- if you don't mind the front hem riding halfway up your legs. If you can't find any semblance of sophistication with your current wardrobe, consider a formal style that will suit your form now, and maybe even find a home in your postpartum closet.

To achieve a longer look, opt for long dresses and full length pants instead of shorter versions. When the hem cuts across the middle of your thighs or shins, it emphasizes the horizontal and can make you look stout. When it comes to accessorizing, steer clear of chunky jewelry but don't be afraid to wear a few delicate bangles, a pretty charm or even a subtle broach to add a bit of interest to a monochromatic outfit by accenting peripheral areas rather than your belly.