Plus Size Maternity Clothes

The best places to find plus size maternity clothing

Pregnancy can be particularly uncomfortable if your clothes don't fit well, a fact that many ample moms-to-be know all too well. Since plus size maternity clothing is still relatively hard to come by, you may be on the verge of giving up your search and settling for any billowy garments you can find. Fortunately, you don't have to plod through your pregnancy in frumpy frocks, because the right clothes are out there waiting for you. You just need to know where to find them, what to spring for and where to compromise.

Is Plus Size Maternity Worth the Money?

Nobody likes shelling out the cash for clothes they don't like, but you can't go through nine months in discomfort or inappropriate clothing. It can be a tough decision to buy plus size maternity clothes, as they're not only more difficult to find than smaller sizes, but they're often pretty expensive, too.

If you put in some time and turn your attention to the right places, you may be able to find better prices and a better selection. Instead of shopping in maternity boutiques, scope out online stores that cater to plus size moms-to-be. You'll be happy with the variety of styles available in specialized online stores, and many retailers also include helpful maternity accessories to stretch your wardrobe further into your pregnancy.

An alternative to ready-made plus size maternity fashion is tailored clothing, and in some cases, it can save you time and money to visit a seamstress. For instance, tall maternity clothing is so hard to come by that having a professional tailor remove waistbands on your regular pants and add a stretchy waistband is often the better choice. As for tops, stick to empire waists, wrap styles and tunic cuts so they'll fit for a while. In the end, plus size maternity clothes will make for a much more comfortable pregnancy, and so the cost is worthwhile for most moms-to-be.

About Plus Size Maternity Sizing

One thing to keep in mind when shopping for plus size maternity clothes is that the sizes aren't always universal. Different brands size their clothes differently, so a given 1X plus size maternity dress may not match another brand's idea of 1X. Also, don't trust that every inseam is perfectly measured: taller moms-to-be may find that their new maternity pants are as much as a half inch too short when they get them on. If you can, try on every piece before you buy, and move around in it to make sure it fits well all over.

If you shop online, look for a size chart that clearly outlines the measurements of each size. If the site doesn't offer one, it's worth sending an email to ask for specific measurements for a size. While many stores offer a good return policy, some will not; always read the fine print before you commit to buy!