Toys for Kids

The best kids toys make learning fun

Finding a toy that will entertain, teach and hold a child's attention for more than five minutes can be a tall order. From stuffed animals to flashy electronic accessories, trendy toys based on popular television series are cute and fun, but birthdays and holidays tend to bring more than enough of those. If you're looking for something original, something that will spark your child's curiosity and develop a taste for learning new things, check out some classic favorites and some interesting new toys on the market.


Kids Toys that Entertain and Educate

Learning about the world around you can be captivating, and the right toy can deepen a child's appreciation of nature, science or electronics. For a nature-lover, consider an ant farm; an ant habitat enclosed in clear glass makes it easy and interesting to see the life cycle of ants and how they work together. Does your child have a sweet tooth? Instead of stuffing their stocking with store-bought candy, you can purchase a candy- or gum-making kit that will teach the science behind the art of making their favorite treats, plus they get a sweet reward for their efforts.

Think of ways to get your child more involved in the things they love, and they're bound to enjoy those educational kids' toys as much as any other. Customized mechanical car tracks and vehicles that can be constructed out of smaller pieces will be challenging to build and all the more satisfying when it comes time to play with them. Browse around to find the best value: you can find cheap kids toys that provide hours of fun and learning from online retailers and department stores.

Imaginative and Timeless Toys for Kids

Some of the best toys for kids come from some of the oldest designs. For instance, a dollhouse is a perfect gift for a little girl, and there are many ways to collect, build and customize it through the years. First, choose the style of the doll house. Are you handy enough to build the structure yourself or would you rather go with a pretty, modern design? There are plenty to choose from, but the KidKraft Wooden Fashion Dollhouse is one of the best for size and versatility, while the Playmobil Take Along Dollhouse may be more suited to younger children and can easily be packed up and carried around.

One of the most direct and carefree ways to explore creativity is with visual art and all of the colorful mess that comes along with it. Instead of cordoning off a small newspaper-clad table for your child's finger paints, invest in the accessories and equipment that a budding artist needs. A convertible kids' easel will change positions for different artistic activities, and a small artist's smock along with an acrylic paint set and a roll of easel paper will be all they need to get started. Do what you can to foster a hobby rather than distract with a trendy toy, and you can be sure that your investment goes a long way.

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