Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can make even the prettiest skin look older and less attractive. Bumpy streaks of white or blue are a common trademark of unwanted stretch marks. Stretch marks are not exclusive to women, as some might think; both men and women can experience stretch marks, many of whom turn to laser cosmetic surgery to improve the appearance of their skin.


Overstretched skin cannot be completely healed with any form of surgery or cream. But laser surgery has proven successful in lightening stretch marks on many parts of the body. Usually stretch marks that were formed from pregnancy or weight gain are less noticeable once the pounds are taken off. So with laser treatment, there is the potential for stretch marks to become considerably lighter in appearance.

The lasers that are used to treat vascular problems are also used for stretch mark treatment. These lasers are both green and yellow light lasers. Doctors are not certain why these lasers work better than others, but many suspect it is because collagen molecules absorb these colors better than others. The laser stings a little, but is tolerated fairly well by patients due to the speed of the procedure.

If you choose to undergo laser treatment for stretch marks, do not expect the marks to disappear completely. One treatment might be enough for improvement, but for some it may take several consecutive treatments. Furthermore, one treatment might not show a significant improvement for up to a year. Multiple treatments are usually about four weeks apart.

About half of the people who undergo laser treatment for stretch marks find an improvement in the appearance of their skin. The younger you are or the pinker and thinner your stretch marks are, the greater chance you have of a successful treatment. White stretch marks are the hardest to treat, as are those resulting from weight gain.

Your insurance company will probably not pay for laser surgery for stretch marks. Laser treatment is considered cosmetic and is often paid for out of your own pocket. Expect to pay about $400 to almost $1,500 per treatment.

Weigh your options, remembering that you may or may not see a reduction in stretch marks despite multiple treatments. And of course, always research the doctors and facilities that you are considering for your care.